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For over 15 years, Paradise Garden & Decor LLC has been offering dependable landscaping solutions and outstanding results to clients across Sarasota County, FL. As a Christian-based company, we believe in creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are inspired by God’s beauty. Handling projects of all sizes, our team is licensed and insured to deliver complete landscape design and installation services you can trust.
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Why Choose Paradise Garden & Decor LLC?

At Paradise Garden & Decor LLC, we are a small company with a great deal of passion and commitment to our clients. From major redesigns to the smallest of details, when it comes to your yard and property, we want to get it right for you. We are also an environmentally-conscious business that is dedicated to using organic materials and Florida-friendly plants to ensure that your landscape can thrive.

Tim Watson, Owner - Paradise Garden & Decor LLC - Sarasota County, FL

Meet Tim Watson

As the owner of Paradise Garden & Decor LLC, Tim Watson personally handles most of the company’s larger projects. He has been a resident of Sarasota County 1972 and is a former United States Marine. With extensive experience in all phases of landscaping, Tim is happy to share his knowledge to help local clients improve their homes or businesses.

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Tim has taken courses in Troubleshooting Plant Problems and Residential & Commercial Turf Management. He is always studying in his free time so he can give his clients the best advice on the proper plants to use in their landscape, preferably with native plants and xeriscaping.

He enjoys the outdoors and viewing the beauty God has blessed us with by creating serenity and calm without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. He firmly believes in avoiding pesticides at all costs and instead using organic products such as Neem oil, insecticidal soap, thuricide, and many others that are on the market.

Tim loves giving back to local non-profit organizations and is adamant that we all must do our part to become more environmentally conscientious of our surroundings.

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Meet Terrie

Terrie is the co-owner of Palms Galore & Decor, along with Tim Watson. As the sister company of Paradise Garden & Decor LLC, Palms Galore & Decor offers a variety of exceptional palm trees, bromeliads, and outdoor decor items.

Terrie can be reached at 941-628-8210.

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